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Above & Beyond Aerial Photography and Videography was founded by Marty Becker in 2017, Above & Beyond utilizes sUAS (drone) technology to capture aerial perspectives not previously feasible without a helicopter or privately chartered aircraft.  Above & Beyond's mission is to provide the best possible aerial content of your project with first-class professionalism that will not be outdone.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back! 



Marty, a graduate of Western Washington University, is an avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast. Marty is the owner and Designated Broker of Rainmakers Real Estate Services, LLC. A locally owned and operated full service independent real estate brokerage firm serving the Greater Western Washington area. Marty with an obsession for drones and other RC's, mixed with his passion for real estate, founded Above & Beyond after years of doing aerial photography and videos for his clients listings. His mission is to provide quality aerial photos and video, in a safe non-disruptive manner, at an affordable price. 


Safety is #1

In August of 2016, the FAA issued new regulations for commercial drone usage known as Part 107.  Any operator flying commercially, whether money exchanges hands or not, must hold this certification in order to be operating within the law.  Above & Beyond and its Remote Pilot in Command holds a FAA Airman Certificate. Under the new FAA framework titled Part 107. All our pilots are certified for commercial operations. 

All Above & Beyond pilots conduct a pre-flight safety inspections before every flight and strictly follow FAA regulations. Each pilot carries an individual comprehensive insurance policy that covers sUAS operations and liability up to $1,000,000.  

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What can we help you with?

What can we help you with?

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